Everything you need to know about delegating with Carpathian Stake on the Elrond Network

Elrond Staking Phase 3 Upgrade is just around the corner and everyone can move towards their chosen staking provider.

Carpathian Stake is an official Elrond partner and has been vetted by the Elrond team and Validator community. We have been contributing to the Elrond ecosystem, through services, tools and continue to operate Validator nodes at maximum efficiency.

Delegation Manager, Elrond Web Wallet & Maiar Update are very important upgrades for the Elrond Network.

  1. The delegation service will be available for you, alongside with the node hosting solution in our special & feature rich dashboard application.
  2. Maiar will be upgraded to facilitate staking as well, opening the door for more than 400.000 users to stake their eGold using a very intuitive app and joining the rest of the eGold holders in securing the Elrond Network.
  3. The Elrond Web Wallet will be upgraded, enabling you to interact with Carpathian Stake via the Delegation Manager Dashboard so you can delegate your eGold in a fully non-custodial and secure manner.

Requirements for staking Elrond eGLD

The Elrond staking process is simple and transparent. You need to own 1 eGold tokens in a wallet of your choice.


When accessing our website, delegators will be met by an intuitive interface that allows you to immediately assess relevant parameters of our staking pool and quickly engage with it. ex: delegation cap, contract stake. Delegation towards Carpathian Stake is non-custodial. Meaning we do not have any control or influence over your funds. Just sign in using your preferred method, Ledger or Web Wallet.

Service fee

We operate the hardware and software infrastructure on your behalf and charge you a service fee for doing so. Our Service Fee for delegation is 16% applied as a percentage to your earned rewards.

Staking with Maiar

Maiar staking will be enabled earliest on March 26. You will be able to stake with Carpathian Stake and start earning rewards with the tap of a button.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

We recommend to use the official calculator for the Elrond network. All the agencies have an APR that depends on the network APR, so what you will see on other agency's website, is actually an estimation not an exact percentage. Considering transparency a key aspect we preferer to display only our service fee.

Managing delegated funds

Users become delegators by funding our staking pool, where they delegate their funds. The delegators are rewarded for their contribution after subtracting the service fee of the agency. Using our interface you can easily delegate, un-delegate, re-delegate funds and claim you rewards.

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