Everything you need to know about Node Hosting and Elrond Staking with Carpathian Stake

And we are LIVE!

With the Elrond Staking Phase 3 Upgrade everyone can move towards their chosen staking provider. An important step in the Staking Phase 3 process will be the increase of the maximum number of Validator nodes, that will allow nodes from the Validator Queue and the newly deployed staking pools to become active Validators and start earning rewards.

Considering the next phase and the chance that the maximum number of nodes will be filled is relatively high, we would like to share with you the advantages of using CarpathianStake.

Benefits of choosing Node Hosting

The hosting service is a special way of delegating where you own the node and we just run it for you. Carpathian Stake will not keep their fee, the customer will have to pay it on a monthly basis just like you would do with a VPS provider.

  • Timing. You can already claim your seat at the validator/delegator table.
    With the Elrond Staking V3 activation everyone will move towards their chosen staking provider so the chance that the maximum number of nodes will be filled is quite high.
  • With this option you will not be affected by the staking agency top-up/base stake ratio. APR can be lower as that ratio increases. Therefore you decide your own top-up value and maximize your profits.
  • This service offers more flexibility from the technical perspective and can enable better agency fees.

Owning your node, means you need to keep a closer relationship with us. Below you can find important information when owning a node.

  • Jailed nodes — in the small probability case where one of your nodes is jailed you will be the one who needs to make the un-jail transaction, so we need a way to stay in contact in case that happens. For all cases, except missed monthly payments, we will cover the un-jail transaction fee.
  • Missed monthly payments — in case multiple payments will be missed, your node will be stopped — thus it’s rating will decrease and the node will eventually be jailed.
  • Monthly payments — being the owner of the node, you will directly receive daily rewards in your own address. At the end of each month, you will have to submit a payment to us (we would argue that this is actually an advantage as well, requiring less interactions per month given our estimation of how often delegators claim their rewards).
  • Service Fee — For our node hosting service we charge 16% standard fee, and a premium fee of 15% for a fixed period of time depending of the number of nodes you stake through CarpathianStake. Every time you add a new node you benefit from our premium fee for one month. ex: if you stake two nodes you will benefit from two consecutive months of premium fee.

CarpathianStake: Next steps

  1. Get ready for regular delegation. The activation of the Delegation Manager enables anyone to create their own Staking Pool, we will have the regular delegation service up an running as soon as the Delegation Manager contract from Elrond Network is active. The delegation service will be available for you, alongside with the node hosting solution in our special & feature rich dashboard application. When the delegation manger will be available you can unstake your eGold, wait for 10 days unbonding period, claim your eGold, and then delegate it with CarpathianStake.
  2. We are exploring ways to improve our node hosting service by allowing you to deposit early payments and we will only charge them once we generate your invoice.
  3. Bring your delegator identity to the blockchain and have fun using our services. Get ready for herotags and many more features.

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