The game of riddles @ Carpathian Stake

We promised at the beginning of our project that apart from boosting your earnings, we will constantly improve our platform and aim to include gamification & social elements to enrich your experience: games, challenges and of course prizes.

We believe riddling is a universal art, so our first new world for you is one of riddles — where our pilot was already played.

The game we played is the first in a series of challenges dedicated to the Carpathian Stake community.

We learned our community was very agile and managed to snatch the prize very fast — so we promised next ones will get even harder and more interesting.

The game of riddles is a carefully crafted story that will hopefully keep you interested and intrigued. The series is thoroughly build to engage our Carpathian Stake community, trigger collaboration and we hope that it will have an educative role as well.

How does it work

From time to time, we will release a video — another “episode” from the game of riddles .

The video will contain clues that in the end will grant you an $EGLD prize. Note that the answer to the riddle won’t always be as straight forward as for the first video, the clues might guide you to some resources where you will need explore and dig through a bit more to get your answer.

Furthermore, when you think you have your answer, log in using your wallet on our website, you will see the running campaign information near your profile and seemingly submit your answer.

Note that to be completely open, the prize is coded in a smart contract we built. This assures you that when you have your answer, you will get the prize, there is no manual approval from our part.

The smart contract has other rules for submitting the answer as well:

1. Make sure you submit the answer with the wallet you delegated with Carpathian Stake.

2. Only members that have active delegation or have nodes hosted by Carpathian Stake can participate.

3. The rule is fixed for the moment, but in the future we may open the gates for “externals” — will provide you guys with more adrenaline since you will have to be faster having many more opponents.

4. “externals” will probably have more obstacles in submitting the answer comparing to Carpathian Stake comrades

5. In order to avoid wasting money ($EGLD) via transactions with incorrect answers, our backend API validates your answer and only submits the transaction if you correctly found it.

6. Please know that if you find the correct answer, you will NEED a small balance in your wallet for the transaction fee (it will be worth it in the end anyway) or else prize collection will not be possible.

Our second game will begin shortly but first congratulations again to our first winner, yes it was the first win for him and yes he cried.

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